Henri Matisse

Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse was a French artist, known for his use of colour and his fluid and original draughtsmanship. He was a draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor, but is known primarily as a painter.


Understanding Cubism

Cubism is an early-20th-century avant-garde art movement that revolutionized European painting and sculpture, and inspired related movements in music, literature and architecture. Cubism has been considered the most influential art movement of the 20th century.[1] The term is broadly used in association with a wide variety of art produced in Paris (Montmartre, Montparnasse andPuteaux) during the 1910s and extending through the 1920s.

Magnetic Lasso my favorite tool

The Magnetic Lasso Tool is one of three lasso tools in Photoshop. We’ve already looked at the first two – the standard Lasso Tool and the Polygonal Lasso Tool – in previous tutorials. Like the Polygonal Lasso Tool, the Magnetic Lasso Tool can be found nested behind the standard Lasso Tool in the Tools panel. To access it, click and hold your mouse button down on the Lasso Tool until a fly-out menu appears, then select the Magnetic Lasso Tool from the list





A shadow is an area where light from a light source is obstructed by an object. It occupies all of the space behind an opaque object with light in front of it. The cross section of a shadow is a two-dimensional silhouette, or reverse projection of the object blocking the light. Sunlight causes many objects to have shadows at certain times of the day. The angle of the sun, its apparent height in the sky causes a change in the length of shadows. Low-angles create longer shadows.


Double Exposure Effect

In photography and cinematography, multiple exposure is a technique in which the camera shutter is opened more than once to expose the film multiple times, usually to different images. The resulting image contains the subsequent image/s superimposed over the original. The technique is sometimes used as an artistic visual effect and can be used to create ghostly images or to add people and objects to a scene that were not originally there.